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What is the style?

(1)Wires are woven to make a wire cloth, which is then crimped,
(2)Crimping height: approx. 5 to 7 mm

Wire cloths are not crimped.

Mist eliminators are crimped.


STYLE NO.Void RatioSurface AreaDensityWire DiameterEquivalent to:
SW-21697.29052160.12×wires stranded 
SW-43294.51,7804320.12×12wires stranded333


SK-80For a given load of mist, the highest flow velocity is achieved of all styles. Ideal where it is required to minimize the pressure loss, possible clogging is concerned, the size of particle to be collected is relatively large, and/or a very high efficiency is not required.
The standard thickness is 150 mm.
For conditions corresponding to those of SK-192, the thickness of 200 mm is applied.
SK-144Used for general purposes. An efficiency of 98 to 99% is achieved at a velocity of 1 to 5 m/sec.
SK-192Used where an especially high efficiency is required.
While a pressure loss is slightly higher, it achieves an efficiency of 99 to 100% with particle sizes 3μ or more at a velocity of 1 to 6 m/sec., and is ideal where an efficiency of 90% or more is required at a velocity of 1 m/sec. or less.
SW-216Used for collecting fine particles of 1 to 3μ in size.
Especially for a low-density mist of 1.0 g or less, it is used in a thickness of 200 to 300 mm.
SW-432Used for collecting fine particles. An efficiency higher than that of SW-216 can be achieved. The most remarkable characteristic is that it provides a high efficiency with a reduced thickness.

Special Mist Eliminators

OK-450 φ0.12×2mm opening

Glass Wool

PP (polypropylene) φ0.25

Teflon® or PFA φ0.25

Applications and Materials

Generally applicable to most locationsSUS304(Stainless steel)
Coating process, etc. for treatment of air containing no waterSS(Galvanized steel)
Kitchen, etc. for treatment of air containing oilCU(Copper)
Air filters, etc.AL(Aluminum)
Treatment of air containing chemicals, acids, etc.PP(Polypropylene)

Special Materials

(PFA, Aflon®)