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Woven Wire Cloth

Woven Wire Cloth

About Perforated Metal

About Perforated Metal





Punching man is the original character of Okutani.

It's a explosive birth of the Real Punching Man on August 29, 2020 to celebrate the 15th anniversary of Punching Man's birth.

The Punching Man was born in 2005 and this year marks its 15th anniversary.
(August 29th is Punching Man's birthday)

  • Fighting spirit
    Fighting spirit ver.
  • Mask
    Mask ver.

Okutani's Showroom

Collaboration and fusion of Virtual and Real.

We really appreciate your orders as well as inquiries since we launched our website. The most common inquiry we have been receiving was "I want to see actual products", we have been thinking that the best way is to have all customers see and confirm our actual products with their own eyes.

As a first step, we opened a showroom at our headquarters in Kobe.

About 1,000 samples of our products are always on display in the showroom. You can touch our samples and confirm information and features by yourselves that brochure and online can hardly convey. We look forward to welcoming you from around the nation.

We will create a new value with our customers promoting 'collaboration and fusion of Virtual and Real' through this showroom.