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Expanded metal

Expanded metal

Expanded metal with Electron polishing


JIS standards Katsurada-type standards
XS63XG22 (hot-dip galvanizing)
4.5T/W5.0 x 34/76.2
XG22 (hot-dip galvanizing)
6.0T/W7.0 x 36/101.6
XS33 FlatKasturada-tyoe #5
XS33 Flat
Kasturada-tyoe #5

Other specifications than those listed in the table above, please contact us for details.

What is Expanded metal ?

Expanded metal is plate or sheet that has been cut and stretched into a mesh like diamond-shaped and hexagonal pattern.
Material is Mild steel, Stainless steel and Aluminum.


It’s called “Grating-type”, of which a mesh has hexagonal pattern. XG-type is stronger than XS-type.


It’s called “Standard type”, of which a mesh has diamond-shaped.

As for pressure resistance, generally speaking, thickness of 4.5mm or more can withstand the passage of a person, and 6mm or more can withstand the passage of a car.
There are 2 types of orientation, which are Standard diamond orientation and Reversed diamond orientation, please note that price and availability vary depending on each orientation.
Expanded metal has better ventilation, lighting and visibilityby high open area compared with other floor metals.
Because Expanded metal is made from a single piece of metal, it is strong and there is no risk of tangling or fraying of the mesh.

It's easy to process and cut, also easy to install because of light weight.
Flat process is available (Make an original expanded metal flat by press) under the conditions of less than 4.5mm thickness, also only XS63 is available in case of 4.5mm thickness.
Please consult with us about galvanizing, various surface treatments (coating, etc.), product dimension cutting, die cutting, and framing.
It is also highly effective as an anti-slip material when used on floorboards.
In case of the material is stainless steel, it is possible to mitigate burrs by electron polishing, etc., but please handle with care.

Properties of Expanded Metal

[1] Light weight. (Because the board is stretched and cut.)
[2] Strong. (Because there are no seams in the mesh and the load is distributed.)
[3] Good ventilation, lighting, and visibility.


Mortar interior/exterior walls, fences, automobile body equipment parts, communication equipment exterior parts, air conditioning equipment, ventilation parts, household equipment, preventive netting exterior shelves, agricultural machinery products parts, etc.


Mild steel, Stainless steel and Aluminum.
Please consult with us about materials other than above.


[1] Flat processed products (make an original expanded metal flat by press), but with a plate thickness of 4.5mm or less. (4.5mm is only available for XS63)
[2] Zinc plating and various surface treatments (coating, etc.)
[3] Please consult with us about dimension cutting, die cutting, and framing of products.



T-type (Standard Diamond Orientation)
Y-type (Reversed Diamond Orientation)
S-type standard
But except XS63
G-type standard