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Flat Top (Smooth Top) Crimp

All crimping is offset to the bottom side, producing a smooth top surface.
For standard vibration screens, the ratio between a wire diameter and an opening size is 1 : 3 (with wire of 30 mm or smaller diameters).
5mmΦ×15 mm opening、2mmΦ×6 mm opening


Stainless steel, hard steel, galvanized steel, etc.

Flat Top Wire Cloth

Flat Top (Smooth Top) Crimp
Flat Top (Smooth Top) Crimp
Combination of Openings and Wire Diameters
Opening mm Wire Diameter   Heavier Wire mm Wire Diameter
100 φ20·φ12·φ10 25 φ8·φ6·φ5·φ4·φ3
90 φ16 20 φ6·φ5·φ4·φ3·φ2.6
80 φ12·φ10·φ9 15 φ5·φ4·φ3·φ2.6·φ2
70 φ13·φ12·φ10·φ9 10 φ3·φ2.6·φ2·φ1.5
60 φ13·φ12·φ10·φ9·φ8 8 φ3·φ2.6·φ2.3·φ2·φ1.6
50 φ13·φ10·φ9·φ8 6 φ2·φ1.6·φ1.5·φ1.2
40 φ10·φ9·φ8 5 φ2·φ1.5·φ1.2
35 φ10·φ9·φ8·φ7 4 φ1.6·φ1.2
30 φ8·φ7·φ6·φ5·φ4    

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Flat Top (Smooth Top) Crimp
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Φ1.6×10 mm opening Φ10×40 mm opening Φ6×20 mm opening