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Computer Graphic Punching

Graphics, letters and pictures are image-processed, and represented by a combination of holes on a metal plate.



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OriginalImage ProcessingFinal Product
An original image is read by a scanner.The image is processed, and output. After any necessary corrections, a final image is produced for approval by the customer.The final image is represented in a metal plate by a combination of holes. Any graphic design can be represented by combining perforated and unperforated areas at will.


Example of Work

Ornamental Sign for Children's Clothing Store

A logo sign was produced by Computer Graphic Punching.
Illuminated from the backside, the logo pops up, providing a store-specific decor. The stainless steel plate gives a stylish and modern image of the store.

Architectural Application

Uniquely designed panels can be created for railing infills.
By combining holes of different sizes, graphic images can be represented on a metal plate as well as simple patterns.


Computer Graphic punched panels in Yucha, a Chinese tea shop in Tokyo. (Panels are designed by Studio h+).

Computer Graphic punched panels using "Danjiri ", a moving shrine, as a motif for Otori Station of the West Japan Railway Hanwa Line.

Interior Ornaments, Monuments, Interior Wall Paneling, Signboards, etc.
A Computer Graphic punched panel is lightweight, durable, and, helps diffuse light and air, and also provides an effective tool in a corporate image strategy with its unlimited design capabilities.

Computer Graphic Punching Specifications

■ Material:  SPCC, Colored Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum
■ Thickness:  0.5 - 1.0 mm
■ Width:  1,000 mm
■ Length:  1,830 mm
■ Hole Size:  2 - 12 mm to be combined
■ Pitch:  0.5 - 1.0 mm + largest hole size


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