Lock Crimp

To prevent skewing of the mesh, the wires are pre-crimped at their point of intersection, so that warp and shute wires embrace each other over a half of their circumference.

This type of wire cloth is specifically employed for shifting out very coarse particles.
Wire cloths with openings of 4 to 100 mm are used for shifting out large- to medium-size particles.

It is optimum for vibration screens, because it is woven to provide a smooth surface, the friction is even, and a longer service life is achieved in comparison with Intermediate Crimp wire cloths


Stainless steel, hard steel, galvanized steel, etc.

Combination of Openings and Wire Diameters
Opening mm Wire Diameter mm   Opening mm Wire Diameter mm
63.5 φ10 20 φ4·φ2
50.8 φ10 17 φ6
50 φ6・φ5 16 φ6
45 φ5 15 φ2
40 φ8 12 φ2.6
30 φ6・φ4 10 φ3・φ2
25 φ5 5 φ2