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Triple Shute

Triple ShootSlotted openings provide a larger pass-through area, resulting in a higher screening efficiency.
Because of the larger pass-through area, fine particles flow freely.

Unlike wire cloths with square-shaped openings, particles slightly larger are caught by two adjacent wires, causing no plugging of the openings.
It is suited for use in screens including vibrating screens.


Stainless steel, hard steel, galvanized steel, etc.

Combination of Openings and Wire Diameters
Wire Diameter
Long Side
8 - 10φ2.3 - φ550 - 150
6 - 8φ2.3 - φ450 - 100
3 - 6φ1.5 - φ2.030 - 70
2 - 3φ1.525
2 - 3φ1・φ1.210 - 25

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Triple Shute
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SUS304 Triple Shute
Φ4×(8×100) mm opening