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Woven Wire Cloth

Woven Wire Cloth

Woven Wire Cloth WOVEN WIRE CLOTH JIS G 3555
Industrial Woven Wire Cloth WINDUSTRIAL WOVEN WIRE CLOTH JIS G 3556


Measuring Wire Cloth


Designates the number of openings per inch (about 25.4mm).


Designates the measurement of the clear open space between parallel adjacent wires.
Opening Size=25.4 mm÷Mesh Count−Wire Diameter
Pitch=Opening Size+Wire Diameter; or 25.4mm÷Mesh Count
Open Area %=(Opening Size)2÷(Opening Size+Wire Diameter)2×100

Wire Diameter

Designates the diameter of wire before weaving. With a same mesh count, when the wire diameter is different, the opening size and open area are significantly changed.


Sizing (screening), separation (filtering), refining, drying, reinforcement, catalysts, conveyors, shielding, and other industrial, mining and agricultural applications


Standard Products of Plain Weave and Twilled Weave
1 to 635 mesh (Please refer to the List of Wire Cloths for more details.)
Wire Diameter
6.00 mm to 0.020 mm (Please refer to the List of Wire Cloths for more details.)
Width of in-stock and standard items
0.91m(Brass, galvanized, etc.)
Wire cloths of other widths and lengths than those shown on the left can be produced upon request.
Length of in-stock and standard items: 30 m (roll)
Stainless steel, pure nickel, Monel metal, titanium, copper, brass, aluminum and aluminum alloys, iron, galvanized steel, PVC-coated iron, etc.
Special specifications not in the Mesh Tables can be addressed upon request.