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Hexagonal Mesh

It is generally formed by twisting wires three times to form each opening.

Hexagonal Mesh


PVC-coated wire, galvanized steel, stainless steel wire, etc.


Screening, drying, reinforcement, fencing, partitioning, safety protection, etc.

Combination of Openings and Wire Diameters
Nominal Opening mm/ 40 26 20 16 13 10
Wire Diameter mm
Φ 2        
Φ 1.9 15m          
Φ 1.8 ◯15m ◯15m        
Φ 1.6 30m 30m 15m 15m    
Φ 1.5 30m 30m        
Φ 1.4 ◯30m ◯30m   ◯15m    
Φ 1.2 ◯30m ◯30m        
Φ 1.15 30m 30m 30m 30m   15m
Φ 1.1 30m 30m 15m 15m 15m  
Φ 1 ◯30m ◯30m ◯30m ◯30m    
Φ 0.85 30m 30m 30m 30m 30m 30m
Φ 0.8 30m 30m 30m 15m   15m
Φ 0.7 ◯30m ◯30m ◯30m ◯30m   ◯30m
Φ 0.63       ◯30m   ◯30m
Φ 0.6           30m
Φ 0.57   30m 30m 30m   30m
Φ 0.5       ◯30m 30m   ◯30m 30m
Φ 0.4       ◯25m 30m   ◯25m 30m
◯= Galvanized iron = PVC-coated wire = Stainless steel
Standard Specification Width (mm) 910
Length (m) 30. 15.