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Plain Dutch Weave

The warp wires remain straight, while the shute wires are woven the same way as the plain weave wire cloth to lie very close to each other, creating a high-density wire cloth.


Stainless steel, nickel, Monel metal, phosphor bronze, other metals

Plain Dutch Weave

Plain Dutch Weave

●In the case of the Plain Dutch Weave, opening sizes are not accurate. Values shown below should be taken as just rough estimations.

MESHWire DiameterEstimated Diameter of Penetrating ParticleThicknessWeight
Warp×Shutemmμ mmmkg/m2
50 MESH10×500.80/0.553601.405.7
64 MESH12×640.58/0.433001.254.2
80 MESH14×800.45/0.352501.003.6
100 MESH16×1000.35/0.282000.802.7
110 MESH24×1100.35/0.251550.802.7
120 MESH24×1200.33/0.231500.752.5
130 MESH30×1300.33/0.221330.742.5
136 MESH32×1360.32/0.211220.702.6
150 MESH30×1500.26/0.191250.552.0
160 MESH30×1600.23/0.171100.541.7
180 MESH42×1800.30/0.165850.532.2
200 MESH24×2000.22/0.14880.501.6
250 MESH50×2500.14/0.11780.341.0
300 MESH50×3000.14/0.09680.290.9
400 MESH70×4000.12/0.065500.230.7
450 MESH80×4500.14/0.063480.270.75
500 MESH80×5000.094/0.055360.180.55

★ Often used for centrifugal separation.